Remix Your Love CIJ Teaches you:

  • Learn to create unlimited possibilities for yourself and your relationship
  • Silence your inner critic and authentically speak your desires
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Create more time together
  • Develop powerful listening & communication skills
  • Up level your compassion, curiosity, and connection

Remix your love and learn the secret to a perfect duet.

Remix Your Love combines the groundbreaking principles of the CIJourney with the unique insights offered by teacher and guide Alyson Calagna.

Relationships are hard. And no matter how perfect a match might be, there are times when it can seem like everything is off key. Sometimes, you and your partner just aren’t singing the same tune.

Designed to help every couple find (or re-discover) their balance and rhythm, this series of workshops and retreats helps couples of all kinds choreograph their future together. Because wherever you are on your journey, and whoever you’re traveling with . . . it always takes two to make a thing go right.

Remix Your Love’ programs, workshops and retreats are available for couples of all backgrounds, including LGBTQ couples and partners.