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Psychedelic Integration Coaching

So, you had a significant psychedelic experience and are unclear about what to do next. Psychedelic Integration Coaching bridges non-ordinary peak state insights and everyday life. The experience of a journey can be filled with many visuals, emotions, and epiphanies that can be difficult to process alone. The messages we receive in these profound states are only one part of the path, and the real work comes after the trip during the integration process.

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Ego Dissolution

Ego dissolution is a common occurrence in a high-dose psychedelic ceremony.

The journeyer may have difficulty understanding the fear and grief they fully experience while
simultaneously reveling in the mystical gift of endless love, compassion, gratitude, and oneness.
It is important to unpack this newfound awareness with gentleness, presence, and empathy.


Releasing old patterns and habits.

As you release old patterns and habits of yourself, new ways begin to emerge. This process can be
challenging to navigate, but the transformation that occurs is where the magic truly lies.

Integrate Your Peak Experience

My expertise as a psychedelic guide, hypnotherapist, and mindset coach provides methods to help you integrate your peak experience.

I understand how tender post-journey states can be; sometimes, putting the visuals received into words can be challenging. I can help you recall parts of your trip through light hypnosis, allowing you to access your subconscious. From there, I’ll assist you in processing those messages with intuitive care, compassion, and understanding.

Each meeting is unique, depending on where you are and where you want to go. Some sessions feel more meditative and calming, while others can be practical, focused, and energizing. Either way, you will leave our session clear, centered, and inspired to embody change.

Psychedelic Integration Package

Three Sessions
  • Via Zoom
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