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May 26, 2023 Bodhi

As a Psychedelic guide, hypnotherapist, and sound alchemist Bodhi Calagna shares about their personal journey with identity, sound and healing, in which the practice of microdosing played a significant role – ultimately leading to a path where they offer brave and safe space for folks to heal, grow, and transform their traumas into triumphs.

Being a DJ since the early 90s, Bodhi founded Remix Your World in 2016,
for LGBTQ+ journeyers to explore identity, life transitions, creative blocks, and sexuality. As a sacred space holder, they bring joy, light, and playfulness into deep, dark, and edgy spaces of transformation within a safe and supported container.
Bodhi has completed Psychedelic Assisted Therapy training with Medicinal Mindfulness in Boulder Colorado, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching Certification. Bodhi offers Sacred Mushroom Ceremonies in beautiful Boulder, Colorado, alongside Integration Coaching, Cannabis Assisted Therapy, and Hypnotherapy in person and online.

Bodhi’s backstory as a DJ and transgender How psychedelics supported Bodhi’s process of gender transition How Bodhi got onto the psychedelic medicine path Holding safe space for LGTBQ+ folks Qualities of a good psychedelic guide
Microdosing to help with change Microdosing (protocols) for ADHD A zoom in on creativity and music The role of music in a (guided) psychedelic journey Bodhi’s remix of ‘The mycelium is listening’ Bodhi’s microdosing ritual An intention for the world


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