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JourneyWork with Cannabis

April 20, 2022
April 20, 2022 Bodhi

“I don’t like smoking pot; it makes me anxious.”

I often hear this when speaking about journeywork with Cannabis. I, too, have had that thought before because of my past experiences.

My journeywork with this sacred plant was intimidating, and I felt anxious initially. Another harmful thought that I had was “I don’t want to sound stupid,” which resulted from seeing how Cannabis use was portrayed in the media.

An even bigger issue was the “Just Say No” campaign and the war on drugs, which led to mass incarceration for possession of marijuana while targeting and destroying black and brown communities. Throw shame in the mix with “this is your brain on drugs” and “I learned it from watching you, dad!” commercials, and it’s a marvel that anyone in America found the beauty in this ancient teacher.

When I started working therapeutically with Cannabis, I was blown away by the results of the medicine. Having worked with other medicines, I had reservations about doing journeywork with “weed,” but I was in for quite the surprise.

I noticed that in working with Cannabis, my shadows would come fast. Much quicker than other medicines. And yes, those quick visualizations and thoughts can produce anxiety. But once they arrived, I found a space where I could lean in and work with the anxiety instead of run from it.

I can remember saying to one of my guides, “if I can learn to tame the dragon on Cannabis, then no fearful thoughts can stop me .” I followed those thoughts into my body, released stored emotion and trauma, and found space for new thought patterns. That growth and change inside the journey lead to greater awareness and action outside of the journey.

Working with a Psychedelic blend of Cannabis in a safe, controlled setting with evocative music, mindfulness, and meditation, with a skilled guide, can produce transformative results for healing. I’ve seen it in myself and witnessed it with my clients.

Whether you are an experienced Psychonaut or embarking on your plant medicine journey, this sacred flower has proven to be a gentle ally at any stage of your path.

If you are curious about journeywork with this beautiful flower, I facilitate two-hour Cannabis journeys over zoom, Cannabis-Assisted Hypnotherapy, and in-person two-day deep dives in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.

Reach out to set up a free discovery call to see if we are a good fit.

I’ll be doing my own journeywork tonight to celebrate 4/20 with my medicinal mindfulness family.

Happy 4/20, friends. May the magic be with you!


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