“Where do I even begin with what Alyson has done for me and what she means to me? The last couple of years have proven to be the toughest I have experienced in this journey I call my life. My perception was that there were more negative aspects of the last couple of years rather than positive. That is where Alyson comes in. I had come to her not only as someone I have known and trust for several years, but also someone I knew in my heart would be able to guide me back on the right path. That is exactly what she did. She went from being a friend to a life coach that I cannot live without. EVERY TIME I have needed her she has selflessly dropped everything to coach me through whatever may have been happening. I was lucky to be one of her first students for her CIJ class in which I learned so much about myself and the universe around me. Her attentiveness, compassion, love, and at times tough love, have been exactly what I need to assist in finding my happiness again. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without this beautiful soul in my life and I highly recommend her for anyone needing a little assist in finding your path again.”