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Remix Yourself

Are you feeling stuck and looking for significant change in your life? Do you want to deepen your relationships and learn new ways to bring mindfulness and peace into stressful situations? Are you ready to let go of the loops that are holding you back?

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Eight weeks of work.
A lifetime of change.

I took this course as a student over a decade ago and it opened my eyes to a completely new way of living.
When I became a coach, I knew this powerful course had to be one of my offerings. I would be honored
to share what I have learned with you.

The CIJ Clarity Catalyst is based on a Stanford University Master’s degree class in transformation.

You Will Learn To...

  • Remix Difficult Situations
    Into daring possibilities
  • Silence Your Inner Critic
    and get out of your own way
  • Identify Your Passions
    and make time for them
  • Communicate mindfully
    and listen deeply to others
  • Mind your time
    without stress and anxiety
  • Unmute Yourself
    and speak with confidence
  • Cultivate daily rituals
    for peace and clarity
  • Trust yourself
    and follow your bliss

Online Group Class

$800 / class
  • Eight-week course with 8-10 other like-minded souls

Private CIJ Experience

$3000 / Three-Month Course
  • Designed specifically for you.
  • Includes the eight-week course
  • and four coaching sessions.
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