Motivational Mixdown: Compassion over Comparison

#10 Motivational Mixdown: Compassion over Comparison

Have you ever felt weighed down and in a constant state of comparison? In today’s Motivational Mixdown I talk about Compassion over Comparison. Key Highlights from this episode: Noticing when you are comparing Choosing Compassion over comparison Finding gratitude for what is in your professional and personal lives Website Facebook CIJ Course Facebook Group

#2 LGBTQ Activist Russell Roybal

Real Talk: Russell Roybal’s journey to activism San Fransico Aids Foundation National Gay & Lesbian Task Force Russell’s power anthem Mindfulness practice Putting the Q in LGBTQ About this podcast: Russell Roybal and I have a real talk moment about his journey into activism and his passion for the dance floor. Russell Roybal is Chief Advancement Officer of San Francisco…